Let’s Go Traveller – Mobile UI Design

A Complete UI Design for Travel Business

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Software Sketch,Photoshop,AfterEffects

Let’s Go Traveler – Mobile UI Design. This was my first UI design implementing Sketch application. The Envato Most Wanted contest winner design comes with more than 100+ UI screens and more than 150+ UI elements.

UX studies:

After gathering all the data from my research on the online travel industry, their live websites and mobile applications; I shortlisted few of the global experts. Marking the common user experiences and their UI elements my final list was prepared. Including some more non-popular yet strong ways to it and combining my own ideas, I have tried to deliver a better user experience.

UI Design:

After research work, the most difficult and important work was the UI design because for me a better UX  is never accomplished without the most suitable and interactive UI design. As the user always experiences the UI first and doesn’t bother much about the complexity of backend detailing; a great UI always plays the crucial role in both web and mobile application. Thus as a designer, it’s my responsibility to devote maximum time to focus on the complete UI design which is easy, smart, polished, user-friendly and as per latest industry standards.



The whole package comes with the following screens.

  • 08 Flight booking screen
  • 16 Holiday booking screen
  • 15 Hotel booking screen
  • 04 Main screen
  • 01 Wellcome screen
  • 01 Menu screen
  • 09 Blog and news screen
  • 01 Profile screen
  • 05 Restaurant booking screen
  • 07 Train booking screen
  • 05 Trip advisor screen
  • 02 User review screen
  • 04 Deals screen
  • 07 Cruise booking screen
  • 06 Cab booking screen
  • 01 About us screen
  • 02 Chat room screen
  • 01 Contact us screen
  • 01 Sign up screen
  • 08 Flight booking screen


  • 100+ mobile IOS screens
  • Well maintained artboards and groups
  • IOS screen size
  • 100% vector elements
  • Free fonts and images used
  • Over UI elements
  • Retina ready