Nano Music Player – A Product Design

Conceptualisation Of A Music Player

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Software Photoshop, Illustrator







Nano Wiky Music Player is one of my favourite projects in the recent times. The project was first conceptualized and designed in 2013 and later I decided to come up with a full concept product with its own features. After doing all the researchers required I designed a full website which was later developed in WordPress.

The website can be checked for its own features and specification in the given link/working product page:

Concept, Design, Ideas

In early 2007 I won an iPod in a design contest held at my college which was my first gadget before smartphones. Having no knowledge about product designing I was mesmerized with the versatility it offered. It inspired me to try my hands in product designing realm. Being a fresher in Graphic Design world it was a challenging task for me to go for it without technical knowledge; but my curiosity inspired me to go for lots of R&D and as I headed towards the completion of my designing course I had my first product with each component and feature fully conceptualized and designed on my own.

Note: The product does not have any technical specification or relevance with other real products as it was totally visualized in designing ground.

Let’s have a look at some of the best shots from the design.



Product Landing page and website

On 2016 Itobuz Tech and his brilliant Dev team developed the website/landing page for Nano Music Player. I have associated with the team and look after the design section. This was our first kind of full product design website. So the challenge was different from the other projects. But it was a great journey. But Mr Ankit and his team did a great job. Check out some of the screenshots of the website or you can visit the website


Declaration: The work is totally done by me and I have kept all the rights. All the images used in this project are not owned by me and I have given full credits to their respective owners in the final product. The work was made in 0effortthemes lab and the company have all the rights to sell the product.