The Goddesses Of Art

Conceptualization of photography and photo retouching techniques.

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Software Photoshop, Photoshop Lightroom

It is one of my most exciting works. After some conceptualization and R&D this time, unlike a UI designer I challenged myself for combining both my photography and retouching skill to carve my imagination to the digital canvas. For that, I was required to shoot pictures of a model in a studio environment. Due to lack of resources, I went for setting up a budget studio with minimal equipment and my Nikon D5200 camera for my life’s first in-house modelling photo session. Being a first timer it took lots of adjustments and trials but finally, I clicked my dream shoot.

Now editing the RAW images in Photoshop Lightroom was the next big thing. With the earlier knowledge about Photoshop Ltr, I had to now learn this tool from scratch to turn my imagination into reality. Slowly and steadily I learnt this beautiful tool and started editing the photo shoot outcomes.

And finally, after lots of titrations and edits, I had my creation moulded beautifully smiling on my monitor.


Now I am going face the biggest challenge, edit the RAW in Photoshop Lightroom. Before that, I had a very little knowledge about Photoshop Ltr. But I have to learn the tool and help my imagination to become reality. But, Slowly I have learned this beautiful tool and start editing the photo shoot.


And after lots of changes and rejections finally, I have found my imagination reflecting on my monitor.

Photo shoot: Nikon D5200 | f/5 | 1/30 sec. | ISO: 900 | Focal length: 50 mm | Aperture: 1.6