Studio-Conceptualized Salon Business UI Template

An Art of UI Studies

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Software Photoshop, Illustrator

Studio is a series of different website template focusing on niche business. Studio salon is one of them. It has been a dream project of mine and one of such UI designs where I was bound to give more than 100% of my efforts. In terms of UX again my researches and studies of different authors helped me a lot as every element design required lots of care and experiments.

My aim was to design a product which has its own style. After lots of brainstorming sessions and experiments, I finalized this style; especially on the product list page, product details page, team members list section, appointment form and etc. I have made this product as a real one with each content, elements, cards, sections with precise care and research.

Concept and Design

For past few years, flat design ruled the web design market, influenced by Material Design which is becoming more dimensional. This transition begins with some light shadows, making it a semi-flat design. The evolution of flat design from a minimalist style suits the new developing technologies. Flat design is still in, but it has undergone many improvements.

The smooth shading adds depth and complexity without destroying the flat design fee. The smooth and vibrant gradients make it cooler in a presentation.

Let’s have a look at some of the best shots from the design.



Hope you like my work, to see the complete please visit here


Declaration: The work is totally done by me and I have kept all the rights. All the images used in this project are not owned by me and I have given full credits to their respective owners in the final product. The work was made in 0effortthemes lab and the company have all the rights to sell the product.